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You know how leaders, parents, and entrepreneurs struggle with inadequate feelings in their influence and confidence?  Building these skills can be done simply.

Deanna will share the secret to building confidence, guiding you through exercises to create a solution to make a difference in your workplace and your life.

To increase your influence at home or the workplace the work begins with YOU.  What if you can become more confident without overpowering others?  What would change in your life, personal and professional, if you fears were left behind? Refresh, renew, and refocus to conquer with confident peace. Starting with the keys of confidence, take your Eeek and create an explosion of excellence!

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“Adulting-Cultivating Character for Wisdom,” Deanna Becket – 2018

Deanna Becket is a Professional Keynote Speaker, Author, and Life, Leadership, Health and Freedom Coach.

Striving to become the best motivational speaker, Deanna enjoys sharing her stories of lessons learned from prairie living.  Originally from North Dakota, Deanna spent her last semester of college in Melbourne, Australia and graduated from North Dakota State University, Fargo, North Dakota in 1994.  Discipline was a key factor in finishing the work.

She married her husband, Chris, in 1996 and has lived in the Black Hills of South Dakota ever since. They have homeschooled both of their children through high school.

Deanna has given herself the title of PhD in M.O.M.  Pretty HARD Discipline is what her PhD means.  It takes MUCH discipline to build a business from home, much discipline to train children in the way they should go, much discipline for a life-long marriage, and much discipline for excellent habits.

Deanna’s style is to humor, entertain, inspire and encourage audiences to reach higher and accomplish what they dream.  Using real life stories of her childhood, college years, development during her business growing years, and experience as a homeschool mom, Deanna leads your audience to keep forging ahead, even in the toughest times.

Her wish is for you to choose life.  Choose PEACE.
Seek and run after it until it overtakes you.


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Becoming the best motivational speaker of our generation, Deanna’s speaking philosophy is based upon inspiring her audiences with stories they can relate to and bring back to their homes and workplaces. Deanna’s style is to entertain, inspire, and encourage audiences to reach higher and accomplish what they dream.

Using real life stories of her childhood, college years, development during her business growing years, and experience as a parent and homeschool mom, Deanna leads your audience to keep forging ahead, even in the toughest times.

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Combining Benjamin Franklin’s thirteen virtues with stories of Dakota prairie living, Deanna guides her readers, listeners, and clients to make great habit choices and changes for excellence.

Take your opportunity to learn and grow from Deanna’s 20 years of experience as a wife of 20 year, homeschool mom of 18 years, and small business owner of 19 years. You will learn how to prioritize your time, because you cannot manage TIME. We will seek together, your top three habits to break and habits to create. As a perk, you will grow in greater peace in your daily life.

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Cultivating Your Character
by Deanna Becket

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The Latest Book

Cultivating Your Character
“Keys For Excellence”

Are you looking for more peace in your life?

Do you wonder how you can develop the habits and character traits that will teach you when to say, “No” to energy-draining activities and “Yes” to becoming the person you’ve always longed to be?

Then Cultivating Your Character is the perfect guide for you on your path to greater self-esteem, success, leadership, excellence, and life-changing new habits.

Enjoy my latest book based on Benjamin Franklin’s 13 Virtues.







Book Testimonials

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“Using Benjamin Franklin’s thirteen virtues as a guide—and what better model is there than that?—Deanna Becket walks the reader through how to cultivate true character in ways that allow each of us to be true to ourselves while reaching for our highest good. Her stories, practical examples, and the challenging exercises she offers will have readers reevaluating who they are with extraordinary results.”

— Tyler R. Tichelaar
Ph.D. and award-winning author of
     Narrow Lives and The Best Place

“Deanna blends thought-provoking questions with real life antidotes that bring leadership to life.

The simplistic nature of life weaves threads of lessons learned with application in the reader’s every day life.”

— Dr. Helen Usera
Owner – Aspiring Business Consulting

“Deanna Becket meets you in the middle of your field, and with the wisdom of her mentors that is tilled with her own story and endearing vulnerability, Deanna offers you her hand up and out of the character crisis of our day.

Take her hand people!”

— Pastor Scott W. Craig
Bighorn Canyon Community Church

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