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Choosing a professional speaker for your next event is easy. Look to Deanna Becket to leave your audience members with a fire in their bellies to rise and accomplish what they dream. Whether your audience is 10 or 10,000, in North America or on any other continent, Deanna can deliver a custom-designed message of motivation for your next conference.

One of the most gifted keynote speakers of our generation, Deanna’s speaking philosophy is based upon inspiring her audiences with stories they can relate to and bring back to their homes and workplaces. Deanna’s style is to entertain, inspire, and therefore encourage audiences to reach higher and accomplish what they dream. Using real life stories of her childhood, college years, development during her business growing years, and also experience as a parent and homeschool mom, Deanna leads your audience to keep forging ahead, even in the toughest times.

Because she speaks through stories, audiences grasp more of the message of choosing to develop themselves.

Available Speaking Programs

Cultivating Your Character or HABIT

Are you looking for more peace in your life? Do you wonder how you can develop the habits and character traits that will teach you when to say, NO to energy-draining activities and YES to becoming the person you’ve always longed to be?

Then Cultivating Your Character is the perfect program for you on your path to greater self-esteem, success, leadership, excellence, and life-changing new HABITs.


The perfect guide.

Deanna Becket takes you on an incredible journey that builds on Benjamin Franklin’s thirteen virtues that he developed weekly as habits to build his personal character. By focusing on one character virtue each week and regularly reviewing his progress, Franklin developed lifelong habits for his success. Who better than Benjamin Franklin to learn from? And with author and character coach Deanna Becket’s help, you can enjoy the same success in whatever your goals are.

Some of the things you’ll learn:

  • Reduce stress and live a simpler life
  • Develop strength in times of adversity
  • Keep your word in relation to your responsibilities
  • Let the little things go to focus on what really matters
  • Choose joy in your thoughts and your words
  • Change your communication strategies for the better
  • Cultivate your faith to carry you through any crisis
  • Listen to the silent voice inside you that knows best

This is a powerful program for transformation, perfect for the beginning of any event.

From Eeek to Excellence

You know how leaders, parents, and entrepreneurs struggle with inadequate feelings in their influence and confidence? Building these skills can be done simply. Deanna will share the secret to building confidence, guiding you through exercises to create a solution to make a difference in your workplace, home, and life.

To increase your influence at home or the workplace, the work begins with YOU. What if you can become more confident without overpowering others? What would change in your life, personally and professionally, if your fears were left behind? Refresh, renew, and refocus to conquer with confident peace. Starting with the keys of confidence, take your Eeek and create an explosion of excellence! Interactive with engaging, fun activities.

This is the perfect program to kick-start any event!


We feed our bodies physically. But do you feed your body mentally and spirtually?

Get ready to have fun riding life’s rollercoaster together, as transformational speaker and character coach Deanna Becket brings you keys to fuel your body, mind, and spirit.

You will discover the keys to having joy, letting little things go, while at the same time reducing stress and developing strength in times of adversity.

This program is ideal for an opening keynote to energize the audience or the perfect closing keynote to end your conference with excitement and enthusiasm to take on life with a renewed perspective!

Growing the Seed of Greatness

With her relatable and interactive style, Deanna brings you keys to identify, plant, and grow your seeds of greatness to an amazing harvest.

Creating leadership greatness in YOU first, then you can begin to lead others with and into excellence.

Get ready to enhance your goals, dreams, business, beliefs, family relationships, and more. Dig deep, like the cultivator in the dirt, to sharpen your skills and master your life.

Your audience will discover the secrets to a simple way of harvesting greatness, including speaking power into their lives.

Deanna’s excellence in character program is a wonderful interactive break-out session, sure to help your group identify, plant, and grow their seeds of greatness!


Deanna helps entrepreneurs and small business owners overcome doubt and fear, igniting their fire so they are refreshed, renewed, and refocused to conquer with confident peace.

Deanna will make every effort to be accommodating and work within your speaker budget. She books her engagements 3 to 24 months in advance. Deanna also offers volume discounts on her book, Cultivating Your Character, to be included in your conference amenity bags to be given to all attendees upon meeting registration.

Please call (605) 390-6965 or send an email to for more information.

Deanna Becket, Speaker, Author, Coach, Rapid City, SD


“Deanna is very friendly and warm hearted.  Her speaking is very interesting, fun and motivational. She is very knowledgeable and has great down-to-earth points and message.”

I am so honored to be working with my spiritually bonded business partner, Deanna Becket. We have been told that ‘WE GET IT!!! Now, all we have to do is read it, practice it, and become it daily, while we also teach it to anyone willing to listen and learn while we are helping them build their dreams. Thank you forever and for always for coming into my life, Deanna.”

LaCota Overton
CEO, Inspiring Success
Coaching with Coty

“What a blessing you are! We so enjoyed your motivational and public speaking presentation and workshop. This is a BIG thank-you for joining us last week. I believe we all took some things away from that day for future use.”

Teresa Fink
SDCRA President

“Good morning, Deanna! I want to let you know how much the message you put on my FB wall meant to me. After a difficult few days at work, I grabbed resignation paperwork. I was “done”. As I sat home that evening, I saw your message. Two words stood out to me. “Make” and “smile”. “Make” puts the power in my hands. I do not have to succumb to circumstances. As for “smile”, how could you know that years ago I asked God, “How can I ‘give’ to people when we have nothing?” Thanks for listening to that still, small voice, Deanna! God bless you!”

“Deanna was a remarkable Speaker. The delivery of her message was excellent. She was immensely engaging with the participants and kept it extremely real, which made it easy for the participants to connect. Deanna was graciously passionate about the word of truth; her beliefs and making sure we received pertinent information to help towards her topic, “Growing In Greatness.” I sincerely recommend Deanna to any event!”

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