Health from Hippocrates

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food


Here are some ideas to help you start the road to great health.  Daily healthy habits is where it starts.  Whether it is products, new ideas, or monthly news you need, you can start here.

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Top 10 Health Hacks:

Drink a glass of room temperature water with fresh lemon every morning before anything else.
Eat nothing that comes from a box.
NO sugar, nothing, nada, zilch.
Drink only room temp or warmer drinks. Ice cold shocks your stomach and causes troubles.
Remove dairy from your diet completely. Feel the difference!
Remove caffeine and carbonated beverages. Drink them only as a treat, maybe once per month.
Eat as many fruits and vegetables as you can each day. No limit.
Hot herbal tea is great for most anything.
Journal everything you eat for two weeks. Surprise!
Eat less animal sources.  More plant based foods.
Amazing sugar substitutes for your beverages and oatmeal: 100 percent maple syrup, raw honey, agave.
And finally, a hugely important reminder: READ all of your labels!  Even if it says Peanut Butter on the front, it is usually not the only ingredient in the jar.  Many peanut butters have added sugar, oils, and high fructose corn syrup.  Even canned fruits and vegetables have these added in their ingredients.  Be careful and be attentive!