What life can you bring to your day with a different word spoken?

The summer Olympics are happening in Rio as I write this. Many commentators are going overboard with racial quips, makeup opinions, and more. It really is tiring. However, it is exciting hearing about the sacrifices these Olympians have made through their training over the years. My favorite Meme on Facebook was the photo of Michael Phelps and Chad Le Clos swimming side by side. On a breath up, Le Clos is glancing at Phelps to see where he is, but Phelps is looking forward. The quote says: “Winners focus on winning. Losers focus on winners.” That quote has really made me look inward. What have I been focusing on? My own book or other authors books? We cannot compare our work to that of others. We have been given our talents to do our calling. Our family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers have been given theirs. It is great to look to others as character examples to imitate, but we should not compare and be jealous of their accomplishments. If we knew what it took for them to get to where they are, we would not want the journey. All we look at is the final product. We also have to go through our journey. It may take more years for you or me to develop these character traits than it does for others. But character keeps us in the position of promotion. If we go for the promotion without the character in place, we will lose the promotion.

If you can’t be joyful in the situation you are now in, will you have joy in better times? Be content where you are. That doesn’t mean that you have to settle and go no further in life. It means be happy with where you are currently, work toward your goals and dreams, and enjoy the whole process.

Do you go through each day just drifting about? Letting others or their agendas pull you in different directions?

Do you set a goal for the next day the night before? Do you map out where you are going? Sometimes, some part of each day is unaccountable, but for the most part, are you setting the pace?

Are you being a light to those around you? Bright light, dim light, or no light? You can be someone’s beacon. If you have not been introduced to Jesus, let Him be your light. If you are a follower already, where are you falling short? How can you be a better light? Where can you re-light your fire? Maybe this book is just the right thing at the right time for you. Is there a conference coming up that you want to attend? Sign up and let that be your new firestarter.

Swim in small steps. Remember how I started with small goals in tackling my fear of the water? I got to the end of the concrete in the pool and then swam back. A few times doing that will give you confidence. Then swim across that dark murky water to the wall on the other side. The wall, the rock, the goal, or the safe spot. Then turn around and do it in reverse, just a little at a time.
At the Y, I would swim only a couple of feet out from the wall. Then I could grab the wall when I felt like I was sinking. God doesn’t want us to leave His safety. He wants us near, and He wants us to depend on Him 100 percent. He wants us in His boat. He is our life vest, our safety net/wall. We cannot get on the boat of life without His life vest.

What small habit can you make today to get in your boat? Do you need new positive friends? Whom do you need to stop being around? Whom or what do you need to stop listening to? How can you choose new positive people to be in your life?