RVing has proven to be challenging. We prepped for thr time all summer and fall, with the most intense work the last month and week. Tires, mechanical, minor/major, packing, organizing systems for home, legal stuff, mail, kids, communications, food organization for house and RV. Wow! I wasn’t aware of the work required to winter south. If it weren’t 2020, I wouldn’t have been so concerned about stocking both with food and TP. But this has been a crazy year.

My job after our 1st day of travel was to do 100% navigation, making sure we weren’t taking exits or roads that were too low for RV or had to turn around. We were 68 feet long with tow. Not a stressful job, bit I couldn’t rest long between exits and turns. The first week was new and exciting, seeing new places.

We have been at our 1 month destination for 11 days. Many trips to see breweries, neighborhoods, shops, and homes for sale. We are about done with that.

We have had a couple of beach days to enjoy full sun and surf relaxing. Expecting rain and temp drops next week. True falling weather. But may be many hours in the rig by ourselves. I have plenty of work to do.. writing, online research projects, blogging, starting podcast again, and just sit still and BE. That has been the hardest transition: instead of running from errand to appointment to work to whatever. I have had to just be still and wait for hubby to be ready to go OR be content wherever we were in the car.

Our 1st or 2nd day here we had a bit of a dispute about time in the car. I was tired and he wanted to keep driving further out. We finally agreed on the time in car and know our time limits.

Today’s reading took me to John 15:1-8. Again focusing on Abiding in Him. Not part time, not bits of the day, but truly falling back into heavy stufy and being with Him. Bruce Wilkinson’s book, Secretary of the Vine, reminded me that “His purpose is not that I will do more FOR Him, but I will choose to Be more WITH Him.” Remain in Him.

This trip has reminded me to BE more, not DO more. My dream has been to work from home. Use my voice, influence online, from home. My energy level tanks when I am out, ON. and full attentive in public. I tire easily from DOING. It’s also a nice break to be in an area where we know no one. I don’t have to look perfect, act a certain way, or be ready to meet people. But it’s also hard. We have no connections, except for a fee new ones at church. We are doing Thanksgiving alone, unless we happen to talk to some others in the park who may want to gather. I’ll take it as another sign to slow down. Stop and enjoy the NOW. Breathe, BE. Maybe that’s what you are being called for in this season. Season of thankfulness. Season of slowing. Season of rest. Season of stillness. Season of thinking.
Have a blessed season!