I am a lazy American. Well, I am getting less lazy in terms of digging deeper and questioning EVERYTHING.
As we sat comfortably on the sand yesterday, we watched many families relaxing, enjoying themselves and their freedoms outdoors. We also observed C130s landing at the AFB plus watched one C17 doing landing pattern flights for over an hour.
I have done more digging into truths and follow more people who are fighting for truth than I did before January 1. I hate research. I just want to be told what is going on and not have to wonder what is false. I’ve come to believe that most is fake.
Now that we have been shoved into digging deeper and doubting all of MSM, I look at things differently. Like the families on the beach…most of them have accepted our fate  and know no different. I, however, doubt what we see is real. I prayed for these people; and I look at these eyes in masks with a different heart.
We are all flawed humans and just want normal again. We are all listening to opposing news sources. We all believe, trust, and think differently. Â I have to scroll by opposing viewpoints of mine, because it’s not worth my time or energy. I agree to disagree.

I pray that all truth will be revealed. I pray that we are all prepared for it.