Some relationships we need to start. Others we need to
discontinue. And then the ones we start will need to be evaluated. It is great to
be a positive influence in the lives of others around us, but when the relationship
goes sour, negative, and dragging into the dirt, reevaluate and consider ending it.

Whom do you need to end relationships with? What better relationships can you develop? What new relationships can you build? Do you have habits that you want to change? Do you need to end relationships where you won’t get the support you need? Do you need to quit smoking but all your friends smoke? Do you need to quit drinking in excess but all your friends hang out in bars? What eating habits can you change? What doctor visits do you need to schedule?

I mention this in every chapter: What words do you need to change that you say to yourself and others? What thoughts do you need to edit to become more positive?

Do you need to change jobs? Is there a career that you have had stewing in the back of your mind, but you have put it off because it is too risky or demands more schooling or time? Do you dream of owning your own business?

What is holding you back? Why aren’t you pursuing it? Can you pursue it part-time while continuing to provide for yourself and your family? If you are already ready for it, why aren’t you jumping in with both feet? Who is telling you that you cannot do it? You or others?

Do you need to dump some debt or personal belongings that are cluttering up your closets, basement, or garage? What is in there that can bring you some serious cash on Craigslist and bring you some serious space in your house and mind? The more we have cluttering up our house, the more we have cluttering up our mind. Doesn’t it blow your mind that the more stuff we own, the more stuff we have to maintain? Rethink why you have the boat parked outside in the sun. Reevaluate how much time you really spend riding the ATVs that take up space in the garage and how much gas money you will save by not riding them. Think again whether you really need those Sea-Doos or Ski-Doos.

How much do you use them in the year, anyway? Are the kids grown and gone? Would they want to purchase them, or can you gift them? Yes, these are hard choices, but isn’t your peace-filled mind and bank balance worth it?