Cultivating Your Character


Combining Benjamin Franklin’s 13 Virtues with stories of Dakota prairie living, I guide my readers to choose great habits for excellence.



Are you looking for more peace in your life? Do you wonder how you can develop the habits and character traits that will teach you when to say, “No” to energy-draining activities and “Yes” to becoming the person you’ve always longed to be?

Then Cultivating Your Character is the perfect guide for you on your path to greater self-esteem, success, leadership, and life-changing new habits .

Deanna Becket takes her readers on an incredible journey, first back in time to learn Benjamin Franklin’s thirteen virtues that he developed weekly as habits to build his personal character. By focusing on one character virtue  each week and regularly reviewing his progress, Franklin developed lifelong habits for his success. Who better than Benjamin Franklin to learn from, and with author and life coach Deanna Becket’s help, you can enjoy the same success in whatever your goals are.

By exploring these thirteen character virtues, you’ll learn how to:

  • Reduce stress and live a simpler life
  • Develop strength in times of adversity
  • Keep your word in relation to your responsibilities
  • Let the little things go to focus on what really matters
  • Choose joy in your thoughts and your words
  • Change your communication strategies for the better
  • Cultivate your faith to carry you through any crisis
  • Listen to the silent voice inside you that knows best

Get ready to enhance  your goals, dreams, business, beliefs, family relationships, and more. Dig deep, like the cultivator in the dirt, to sharpen your skills and grow your future.

“Where excellence is expected, excellence is achieved .”

— Deanna Becket


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