Losing peaceful emotions reminds me of brick walls, construction, and the solidity of it all. How solid is your wall?

We build the protective wall around our heart and emotions brick by brick.

Bricks of egotism, boastfulness, pride, sarcasm, cynicism, hard hearts, stubbornness, closed hearts and minds, sexism, racism, and more.

Some are like expanding foam insulation spray: they creep into an empty space, fill it up, and then expand wherever there is any other empty space.

After a hurt, usually from other people, our relationships fall apart. Perhaps it begins with a reprimand from a parent, boss, or teacher.

That is when we start stacking a brick. First small rocks, then larger stones, then bigger, fully-formed clay bricks. Some are flexible and squishy, not fully dried from the sun. Some are baked in the sun, others are hard solid clay that has been fired. And then some are the large concrete blocks.

There comes a time in life when some of us are tired of carrying the wall. Then we break our silence. Then we start to look beyond the wall. Then:

  1. Our stories need to be told.
  2. We need to be honest with ourselves.
  3. We want better relationships in work, play, business, groups, and conversations.
  4. We are ready for change to be better.

Our walls then tear down little by little.

How do we help others tear down their walls? We ask questions. And then listen. We truly hear them. You may not understand what they have been through. Do not be there to condemn, teach, or preach, but just to pay attention.

What if you have a ton of bricks or just a few rows left? How can you get help or get rid of part of your wall? Let go of it and ask God for help. Ask others to listen. Talk about it with a confidential friend or counselor. Forgive, for you, not for them. If we wait for the apology, we are only making ourselves miserable. The people who hurt us are out playing and having a good time, not even thinking about you and their offense against you, while you suffer and blame. Forgive and let go. Give yourself time. It took many years to build that wall. Now it will take time and trust to pull it down a brick or two at a time.

Read and listen to good, pure, and right things all the time. Take a media fast for seven days: Get rid of news, social media, and drama.

Pick a positive book to read or to listen to while driving. One of my favorite authors to listen to is Joel Osteen. Living Your Best Life Now, The Power of I Am, and I Declare are my three go-to books and CDs. When I am feeling blah, irritable, or like I am getting nowhere or backsliding into my negative thinking, I play Joel. Even after years of reprogramming my thinking, that old blueprint of my past pops up on the large screen in my mind and says, “You aren’t worthy; you haven’t done anything of importance; you can’t coach people in the things that you aren’t perfect in.”

No, you are worthy! And dang it, people like you! At least 90 percent of them, anyway!

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