“No man is free who is not master of himself.” – Epictetus

Resolutions are those goals set at the beginning of every year. They are almost like a goal to failure. Ben Franklin is known for penning some of his writing under the name of Mrs. Silence Dogood. Many of these letters discuss his views on religion and politics. This one is part of Letter # 3: His resolutions of service and seeking wisdom are something for which to aspire.

April 30, 1722
Silence Dogood          
#3 – To the Author of the New-England Courant.

Sir, It is undoubtedly the Duty of all Persons to serve the Country they live in, according to their Abilities; yet I sincerely acknowledge, that I have hitherto been very deficient in this Particular; whether it was for want of Will or Opportunity, I
will not at present stand to determine: Let it suffice, that I now take up a
Resolution, to do for the future all that lies in my Way for the Service of my

I have from my Youth been indefatigably studious to gain and treasure up in my Mind all useful and desirable Knowledge, especially such as tends to improve the Mind, and enlarge the Understanding: And as I have found it very beneficial to me, I am not without Hopes, that communicating my small Stock in this Manner, by Peace-meal to the Public, may be at least in some Measure useful.

I love how Franklin describes his Resolution. My hopes are like his: to share wisdom that it be in some measure useful.

What wisdom are you gaining? What wisdom are you sharing? What sources for wisdom are you feeding yourself?

You are what you eat. Whether it is physically putting something into our mouths to eat, something into our minds mentally, something into our minds spiritually, or something into our feelings emotionally, we become what we feed our mind, body, and soul.

What we focus on with our eyes and ears comes out in actions and thoughts. If we are exposed to or learn of evil and killing, or we are exposed to kindness and generosity, that experience will come out in our words and attitudes.