“Let it Go.” Disney nailed it with this popular song from Frozen. It’s the song everyone learned, and learned to hate. Or learned to grow tired of, at least. But whenever I feel overwhelmed or stress, I can let loose and sing that song.

Benjamin Franklin described it perfectly for this virtue, as referenced at the beginning of the chapter, when he said: “Be not disturbed at trifles.”

Don’t be bothered with the little things. Don’t sweat the small stuff. So the milk spilled down the whole table and is running through the crack, down the table legs, and all over the floor. Ask for help to clean it up and laugh while doing it. Play more. Laugh more. Make life fun and not so overly dramatic and serious. Trifles are small bits that come up in our day. The children are fighting, the car stops working, we spill spaghetti sauce on our blouse, we lose an important document, we trip and fall, we wake up late, the dog or cat barfs on the carpet, and a million more things may upset our day. We can choose to argue over and get angry about them, or we can smile and carry on. Are you going to let a little cat vomit ruin your day? It takes twenty minutes out of twenty-four hours to deal with something trivial or trifling. That is .014th of our day. Yes, I just pulled the calculator out for that tidbit. You sat in the ER for longer with your son’s broken bone and didn’t have as big of a fit. Plus the broken bone had a bill that went with it. Slow down, take a breath, be thankful for your cat who comforts you after a hard day, and clean up the puke.

Where has your priority been and where are you going to change it this month?